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We are a unique company. The newest product we deal with was made in 1985. Think about that!

After 21 years of being at the Hammond Organ Company in Chicago Illinois, Jerry Welch started the company. The purpose was to fulfill the 3 year parts warranty for the Hammond Organs sold at the end of the life of the original Hammond Organ Company.

He arranged for the purchase of the inventory of spare parts from the company and proceeded to fill the original objective. The company continues to this day to supply original factory parts to service technicians, dealers and owners around the world. We sell parts and publications to provide for the maintenance and operation information for the ever popular Hammond Organs. We handle service and owner manuals for the products manufactured by the original Hammond Organ Company from 1935 until 1985, when the company went out of business.

Hammond Organ Company bought the Leslie company in 1976 and built the famous tone cabinets for the next nine years until the rights for Leslie production were sold in 1985. We can provide many of the parts used in the Leslie units and the service manuals for these products as well.

We invite you to peruse our site to learn more about our products and as a source for information about the famous Hammond musical instruments. You will also see something really special; a proposed top-of-the-line product that never made it into production before the demise of the company. Please enjoy and learn.