Trivia Quiz

There are those of you who are always interested in a challenge. Well, here is a fun little quiz for those techies and the many Hammond Organ enthusiasts around the world. It is rather thought provoking from a technical standpoint and yet it should provide a little fun and information about the Hamond products over the years. Good Luck!


Compiled by Jerry Welch, currently of ORGAN SERVICE COMPANY, INC. and previously of the Hammond Organ Company, in July 1996 for the MITA Convention attendees in Las Vagas.

(Take a screen shot or select the 20 question quiz and print this quiz. Then choose the letter for the most correct choice from the model selections printed at the bottom of the list and match to the corresponding Hammond organ model description.)

1.______ First Console with famous "Second Harmonic Percussion" voice.
2.______ Initial Hammond organ with "Multiplex" Generation system.
3.______ Early Hammond Console with unique "Typewriter Style" key presets.
4.______ Hammond Console with 440 keyers and "Reed Switch" pedal contacts.
5.______ Hammond Church organ with solenoid type tab voice control system.
6.______ Hammond with Piano Roll Player system.
7.______ Hammond organ Spinet providing removable satellite speaker system.
8.______ Professional Hammond with 12 note electro-mechanical generator system.
9.______ Hammond Console with internal speakers and electronic Pedal Solo unit.
10._____ First Hammond console with crystal "master oscillator" system.
11._____ First Hammond using "self starting" mechanical tone generator system.
12._____ Used delay gate system to suppress quick reaction solid state outputs.
13._____ Console using endblock "Touch Tempo" rhythm start system.
14._____ Uses non-ballast electronics to drive music light illumination system.
15._____ Only old Hammond unit to incorporate elastomer strip key contact system.
16._____ Famous Chord organ with only 2 foot pedals and no swell pedal.
17._____ Hammond console with "non-flute" voice set of tonebars.
18._____ Hammond spinet with Start / Run switches and with Pedal Sustain system.
19._____ First Hammond with "Bass Chop" and "Auto Accompaniment".
20._____ Self contained Hammond console with no Hammond vibrato system.

a) 132100
b) 820165
c) G-100
d) B-3
e) Model E
f) Model BA
g) XTP
h) L-100
i) X-66
j) D-100
k) M-100
l) 2100
m) B-3000
n) R-100
o) S-100
p) Piper
q) X-77
r) Sounder
s) H-300
t) 2300

>>>>>>>> Click Here For Answers <<<<<<<<

1) d
2) m
3) e
4) b
5) c
6) f
7) g
8) i
9) j
10) l
11) h
12) s
13) t
14) q
15) r
16) o
17) a
18) k
19) p
20) n

How Did You Do?
20 correct -You're a Hammond genius
18 correct -You're fantastic
15 correct -You're very good
12 correct -You're OK
10 correct -You're fair
9 or less -You're not a Hammond freak yet