The Laurens Hammond - The Hammond that never was!

The Hammond Organ Company manufactured thousands of instruments over the span of 50 wonderful musical years. The instruments provided their owners and users a means of expressing a wide range of emotion and wonderful musical experiences. We all know the original Hammond Organ Company has gone out of business. There is a piece of information that very few individuals know. Hammond designed a the top-of -the-line product that never saw the light of day as far as the musical market was concerned.

The company left the music market and was never afforded the opportunity to showcase the never to be famous Laurens Hammond. The instrument was to have been available in two styles, the 346 and the 350. These products would have topped the fine line of Hammond products available at the time of the demise of the company. Unfortunately, the world never came to know these incredible products. Now, however, after 25 plus years in the darkness, you can see these beautiful musical masterpieces. We sure did miss a great Hammond development. Enjoy the following and think about what might have been. Remember also that we are talking about 1984, 25 years ago. WOW, what a shame! Well here it is!!!


Dedicated to the memory of Laurens Hammond, this dramatic new console offers the distinctive sounds and innovative features which you would expect from the leaders in the industry. It has been more than half a century since Laurens Hammond launched the organ industry with the first electric organ.

BEAUTIFUL, isn't it? Wait till you see the next one.

Are you ready? Open your eyes and dream what might have been.

Hammond Sound

For over fifty years, the Hammond Organ has been recognized as a major leader in organ sound. Often imitated but never duplicated - the Hammond is different from other organs because of its unique Harmonic Tonebars.


Digital Rhythm

A new height of realism is added to your playing with an all new "Digital Rhythm Section". The sixteen basic patterns were created by a studio percussionist playing nineteen different percussion instruments which were recorded digitally.

Tempo Display

When using your new Hammond Digital Rhythm Section, the actual beats per minute are displayed when you set the rhythm speed by using the Tempo Slider. Tempo is indicated from 50 to 300 beats per minute, giving the performer extreme accuracy in tempo settings. When no rhythm button is engaged, the Tempo Display serves as a full function digital clock, displaying the time of day.


Located in the upper right end block, Realistic timbre and authentic attack is achieved in the 13 computer-controlled synthesizer voices of the instrumentalist. Actual digital recordings of each instrument are reproduced authentically by a sophisticated digital playback system. The sounds can be activated one at a time and are playable from either the upper, lower or pedal keyboards. Separate volume and delayed vibrato features are available to the player.

The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator, working in conjunction with the digital rhythm unit, provides a custom accompaniment and bass pattern for each different rhythm. The combination of the Orchestrator and the digital rhythm unit with will create new and exciting dimensions for the novice as well as the professional.

Programmable Presets

A score of your very own preset combinations are readily available at the touch of a button. You can create multiple sets of registrations to fit every mood and desire. For total flexibility in registration, you can include any tab voices, preset keys, Tonebars, animation and additionally the volume level of each of these features.

Easy Play

Play like a Pro with 48 one finger chords and walking bass and memory.


This feature has been expanded to offer the player a choice of open harmony, closed harmony or octaves with the touch of one finger.